Sunday, December 27, 2009

Reach for the stars

I am finally changing my "I'd rather be wearing..." on this lil blog.

For the longest time it has been Alexander Wang's Dorothy Shopper bag. A beautiful, grey, suede tribute to one of the greatest TV shows and characters ever. I ADORE the Golden Girls (just finished watching about 2 hours of it) with a passion.

This bag kind of makes me sad, not just because I don't own it, but because it reminds me that Bea Arthur died this year. I was heartbroken when I heard that. Estelle Getty died last year right before my eighteenth birthday - and her 85th birthday was only two days after mine.
One of my life goals is to meet Rue McClanahan and another one is to meet Betty White: the last two living of The Girls.

When I found out that Alexander Wang was a fan and created a BAG dedicated to the sassy Dorothy Zbornak I knew that this guy was special and I assumed that the bag would be too.

I was absolutely correct.

I was hoping that maybe I could find it and buy it with my Christmas money, but alas it is sold out everywhere and at $795, really even with my Christmas money I would not be able to buy it without not buying text books for next semester. (STUPID TEXTBOOKS!)

I am changing it to this.

Oh these shoes. They're so scary looking and awesome at the same time.
Hopefully, soon, they will be mine :) I'm willing to pay a pretty penny, I just hope my mom doesn't get mad.

Do you like these scary and/or amazing shoes? Are you a Golden Girls fan???

Thank you for being a friend!

The girl with love on her forehead

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  1. Yes, those Mendel booties are to die for except I would probably fall flat on my face in those! ;)



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