Sunday, November 28, 2010

Italian Fashion Question 4 - Vieni A Ballare In Puglia

To all of you who answered my past Italian Fashion Questions or just left a comment - Thank You!! :) 

I am very excited to go to Rome to study Italian art and culture and learn more about Italian language and the Italian people and their traditions. the same time - I want to partaaaay. No, not go out and get blackout drunk everyday like a crazy college kid. I want to go out and absorb the actual nightlife of Roma! 

Which leads me to 
Question 4: What is there to do at night in Rome? When you go out at night what is your favorite thing that you do for fun? What do you typically wear when you go out? 

When I went to Rome the second time I went with my friends to a couple of clubs and it was a ton of fun! The thumping house music with no words got really old pretty fast, but it was still a good time. 
Blurry Danciiiiiiiiinnnnggggg

My friend with two of the locals who REALLY wanted me to take their picture. They were nice boys, but silly.
 I will have an entire semester to explore the nightlife of Rome (safely of course!) so if you have any particular favorite place to go, let me know! It doesn't even have to be a club, it can be a theater, library, restaurant - anywhere! Whatever you love to do in Rome or the place you loved when you went that one time, tell me and I will be forever grateful!

p.s. Just discovered the music of Caparezza. The title of this blog post comes from one of his songs. He's great! 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Chapter 23: The Yule Ball - Part 1

Just when I thought that I was about to go crazy with all of the school assignments, study abroad preparations, car issues, summer internship worries, and more - a facebook message came to me.

What did it say??

My school is going to have a Yule Ball on December 4th. That's right - straight out of Chapter 23 of Harry-Freakin-Potter and the Goblet of Fire. A Yule Ball in The Great Hall. (Yes, my school has a Great Hall...I swear I live at Hogwarts of the South). I'm SUPER excited.

I wish I had tons of dinero to buy new dress robes or a new dress for that matter - but my old, fancy dress and polyvore will have to do the trick. I'll be creating looks based off of the different Hogwarts houses and their colors for the next few blog posts on what I would wear!

First up -

The Yule Ball Slytherin

Rachel Gilbert - Pearla Silver Sequin Evening Gown

When I take Hogwarts House Sorting quizzes I often get either Slytherin or Gryffindor. I love the symbolism of the snake from the Slytherin house and from Voldy and the Death Eaters so I decided to do it first. I fell head over heels in love with this emerald green Dolce and Gabbana dress and I think it would be really cool the Death Eaters ring. The super sparkly Rachel Gilbert dress also caught my eye. I think that dress with a green clutch would be wonderful. 
What is your favorite Hogwarts House? What would you wear to a Yule Ball?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Keep Moving Forward

Gaaah! Classes + car accident + internship applying + lack of time to eat + registering for abroad classes + work (two jobs) = Super Tired & Emo Me.

But fortunately Minnie Muse at Forever 21 came today. Check it out!! I might get some retail therapy from the collection later...

Let me know which pieces are your favorite! I'll show yall if I bought anything soon. :)

Have a wonderful day!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hey Mambo! Mambo Italiano!

Ciao bella!
Sto practicando mia scrittura di italiano. Mi dispiace se è insatto. Per favore correggermi se lei vuole. Non parlo molto Italiano, ma proverò. :)
Sono solitaria perche la mia roomate non non è qui. È a un Anime Convention. Signora Fortunata!!!
Ho bisogno di comprare un giubbotto. Fa freddo qui!
Oggi sono andato solo una volta a fuori della mia stanza - a mangiare! Ho mangiato il Cinese Hot-Pot stasera. Era delizioso.

What I wanted to say/Translation:
Hey yall! I'm practicing my Italian writing. I'm sorry if it is wrong. Please correct me if you want. I don't speak a lot of Italian, but I'll try. I'm lonely because my roommate is not here. She is at an anime convention. Lucky Lady!!! I need to buy a coat. It's cold here. I went outside my room only once - to eat. I ate Chinese Hot Pot tonight. It was delicious.

I probably got a lot of phrases wrong and translated them in my head too directly. :P  I sound like a noob because I am a noob! I can (attempt to) talk a lot about food, clothing, furniture and personalities. I can also (attempt to) talk in present tense, past tense, and present progressive. Yay skool!

As yall know, I'm obsessed with capes. I found a somewhat affordable cape - and it's Duke Blue(ish). It is not really a coat, but I do like it and I think it may get the job of keepin-me-warm done.

I like this cape too. It is also somewhat affordable and it has more structure than the last one. Wish it was blue though. Meh.

I also found a neat cape dress.
What do you think?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Looking Mousy

Forever 21 is doing a collaboration with Disney!
I'm super excited. It's called Minnie Muse. Here are some pics from the website.

I'm hoping for lots of polkadots and cuteness. I really hope they are selling that jacket with the Kanji for Tokyo in it and that super cute sweater with the 3 Minnie heads. The collection will be out "for the holidays". So I'm guessing soon-ish?

What do you think?

Lookit! - College Fashion


My new post is up on Give it a look, actually give the entire website a look - it's fab!

Have a wonderful day!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Italian Fashion Question 3 - Whether the Weather Is Cold

Once again, to all of you who answered my past Italian Fashion Questions or just left a comment - Thank You!! :) 

I hate being cold. My allergies mess up, my eczema flares up, it makes my skin flakey, and I have to always put on and take off clothes as I walk in and out of buildings. But I guess I gotta suck it up if I'm going to Italy. I read that the average temp in Feb and March is below 65 degrees. Homie don't play that. 

Question 3: What is the weather like in Italy? In particular, what is it like in Winter in Rome? How cold does it get? What do you wear to stay warm?

I guess that means I have to actually invest in a coat. I don't have one! Can you believe it? Well...I do, but it's a furry yet beautiful monstrosity of a coat that does the job, but looks silly. I love it, but I'm going to need another one. I am obsessed with Cape Coats. I have been for a loooong time (see me gush about them here and here) They are pretty prevalent in expensive high fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Rag and Bone, but the trend did not really catch on for the more affordable labels. So unfortunately every Cape Coat I have seen and fallen in love with is SUPER EXPENSIVE. *sigh* Story of my life. 

You've heard of the term Drama Queen? Well this style- It's a Drama-Coat. I love it!
My favorites are below.

$388 -

280 GBP - ($)454

$745 -


$1,125 -

Alexander McQueen Wool belted cape
$2,735 -
(This one is my FAVORITE! McQueen can do NO WRONG)
Even if you don't live in Italy, please let me know what you do to stay warm in cold weather and not look like a furry monster. I'd really appreciate the tips from yall.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fashion + anime = Fanime - うみねこのなく頃に(Umineko No Naku Koro Ni)

My roommate warned me not to watch this anime. Her reasoning? "It's good, but a total mind-#@!$"
I should have listened.

I must say - I REALLY enjoyed it. But I was like "whaaaaaaaaaaaa???" I sat and watched all 26 episodes in a span of 2 days. I became OBSESSED. I had to finish it. I mean, come ON the theme is in Japanese AND Italian - both of the languages I'm learning. I HAD to watch it.
Essentially it's a murder mystery anime. A boy named Battler Ushiromiya goes to this island with his step mom and dad to meet up with his family. There they discuss the Ushiromiya family fortune and the family head, Kinzo. Well...Kinzo is apparently obsessed with this woman named The "Golden Witch" Beatrice. She has put a curse on the family fortune because Kinzo made a pact with her to obtain it...or well, that's what the legend is. Is she real? Is she fake? That's the point of the show!!!

The way people die in this anime is absolutely gruesome, but I couldn't tear myself away. I HAD to find out if Beatrice was real and if the family was going to be saved from The Curse of The Golden Witch. And it was such a beautifully drawn anime. Beatrice, though evil, was absolutely amazing to look at. I WANT her dress and her school girl outfit. It's too cute. My roommate cosplays and she was one of the characters in Umineko. Her friend who was Beatrice was gorgeousssss. I would wear that dress to class if I had it.
I was bored and polyvored her school girl outfit.
Umineko - Beatrice Sama

If you need a new anime to watch I highly suggest Umineko. Just be's addictive and crazy. But watch it anyway!!! Here is a link to episode one!
Let me know what you think if you have watched it before or if you do watch it!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Italian Fashion Question 2 - High Heels and Rome Streets

To all of you who looked at my blog and commented on my first question - Thank you!!! 

I should be studying for the Italian test I have tomorrow, but instead I'm blogging. I mean, technically if I'm researching and blogging about Italy that's studying Italian, right??

Question 2: Is it true that in Italy (In particular Rome) it is hard to walk around in high heels?

Yes, another shoe question, but I really have to keep my suitcase a simple as possible and will be bringing a basic set of clothes and using a lot accessories and shoes to give me different looks. Here are a few pairs that I am currently coveting and a list of where to buy them. 

I already have the shoe on the upper right hand corner of the first picture - a sensible and comfy pair of 3.5 inch heels from Payless. But I REALLY want the shoes on top of the second picture - a HAWT pair of 5 inch Jeffrey Campbell heels...and I already have a pair of JC shoes (see how I bought them here!), but one more pair won't hurt!! Let me know what you think of these shoes.

I remember the second time I went to Rome that I was hobbling in my low heeled boots on the cobblestone streets, but I thought that was because I was clumsy. I mean, now I can RUN in 5 inch stilettos so I figured that I was stumbling because I was a high heel noob (and probably had a bit too much Limoncello to drink hehe). But today I received a guide from students who went abroad to Rome and one of the girls suggested boots, but not so much heels. I really like heels because I am barely 5'3''. But I also like being comfortable.

How bad is it to walk around Rome in heels all day or even for just a night? What's it like? How do you feel about walking around in heels where you live?
Let me know!!! 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Italian Fashion Question 1 - Boots

I have been blessed with the AMAZING opportunity to go abroad to Italy in the spring semester. It is only 3 months away so I am planning ahead and trying to figure out what to buy. I do not have a lot of winter clothes or clothes that would not make me look "American" so I am trying to build my wardrobe. Hopefully you can help me! I will be asking questions on my blog and if you know the answer do not hesitate to give me your best answer. I will greatly appreciate it!

Question 1: Is it true that Italian women often wear boots everywhere?

I heard that Italian women LIVE in boots. I love boots, so I am allll for buying a pair or two to walk in around the awesome streets of Roma. If this is true that it is a part of Italian style to wear boots PLEASE let me know. Here is a polyvore clip with many nice pairs that I have found. All under $100. Yay!

Here are links to the shoes above...
Heeled Boho Boot
$100 -
High heel shoes »

Restricted Siren
$70 -
High heel boots »

Charlotte Knee-High Boot
$58 -
High heel boots »

Santiago Strut Boot
$53 -
Ankle boots »

T.U.K. Women's A7815L Knee-High Boot
$70 -
Knee high heel boots »

Let me know what you think of the boots I found! Do you like to wear boots? Do you know anything about Italian or European fashion? Tell me! :)