Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bag Lady

I've always been wishy-washy on how I see myself. Sometimes I look in the mirror and go "I'm okay that I'm not a size 2". Other days I look in the mirror and go "WHO LET A BEACHED BROWN WHALE INTO DUKE UNIVERSITY???" And because of this I love clothes - I also hate them.
Yet shoes and handbags have ALWAYS been my favorite. You can be a size 16 and go get some hot new heels. You can be fat and buy a new handbag.

Speaking of handbags...
One of my FAVORITE websites to browse is It's the home of many designer accessories such as purses, sunglasses, and jewelry that can be rented. For example, instead of paying almost $2000 for this lovely leather studded Prada handbag...
you can rent it for $100 a week or $295 dollars a month and then when you find another bag you HAVE to have you just send it back and rent a different one.
I love the concept: Find a bag you love today, Love it for a few weeks, Find another bag you love, Send old love away, Get your new love!
They have new headings at the top of their site that says it all.

"Commitment issues? Keep your options open - and rent!"

I don't know about you but I have bag A.D.D. I adore my new purse but then after about 3 weeks I'm like "meh. you a'ight"
I just peruse bagborroworsteal for now because I don't really have a job (work study doesn't count...) to where I can pay for bag rentals. Looking is always fun, though!
I also love that they find designer bags and sell them for keepsies at SUPER marked down prices. Some of the bags are bags that were never rented or bags that were rented and have minor scratches and really small signs of wear (a.k.a. Gently Loved). Here are a few of my favorites that are still up for grabs!

Donald J Pliner 'Bamberg' Small Hobo Handbag

Original price $645 and now $245

I love how the different color hues of blue and the texture. It reminds me of the Mediterranean sea. (When I went there 2 years ago there were rocks instead of sand and the water was a perfect color blue)

Lulu Guinness Stripe 'Stella' Clutch

Original price $365 and now $215

Very feminine. I love the stripes and the way the design fans out.

Moschino 'Vernice Luce' Medium Shoulder Handbag

Original price $1595 and now $995

I think it's such a pretty iridescent white. I would lovvvve (or like lady g says LAHV, LAHV, LAVH) to have this for Spring 2010.

Original price $725 and now $195

This price drop makes this bag a total STEAL. The turquoise color is to die for!

J'dore handbags? Like Do you have a favorite place you get you handbags?
Please comment and let me know!!!

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