Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Anime First Impressions: Full Metal Panic

One word: LOL!!!

Okay...that's three words.

This show was recommended to me by my friend Bri who is THE person to go to for advice on GOOD anime and manga to watch. I am on episode 6 out of 24 and I must say I am enjoying it.

I'm going to be honest and say that I don't know 100% what is going on. This anime is great because it is a comedy with romance, action and a mysterious plot. And I know the plot has to do with giant robots that do really cool things and also government hooplah. There is a secret terrorist organization(s??) that is trying to kidnap people because these people, known as "the Whispered", know how to create Black Technology, which is more powerful and deadly than any technology known to man. Whoa. o_0

One of "the Whispered" is a high school girl named Kaname Chidori. She is being protected by Sosuke (so close to be naming Sasuke :P) Sagura, a sergeant in Mithril, a really cool organization that fights terrorists. He's really straight-laced and determined to protect her and pretend to be a normal high school student and Kaname is trying to live a normal life as a real high school student - hilarity ensues.

She thinks he's weird (with good reason) but you see by the end of episode one that she is warming up to him. And you also see that he is starting to develop feelings for her too. It's really cute and really funny. Many times he does things that piss her off like
1. Stalk her
2. Lie about stalking her when he's clearly following her everywhere she goes
3. Jumping out of a train to follow her
4. Being seen on her back porch with her undies (he wasn't being pervy - he was stopping someone from being pervy but got caught holdin the tighty whities).

Like I said, the two main characters are different in attitudes and ways of life but they make a great comedy team.
I'm excited to continue to watch this show.

Do you like Full Metal Panic? What's your favorite anime with everything (action, comedy, love, mystery, etc) in it?
Please tell me in the comments

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