Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So I start my day off by waking up at 8:17 and actually feeling like I got a good night sleep - which is weird because I went to bed at 2:00 (watching Fantasia, movie #3 of the Disney Brea, Thea, and John Bria Disney extravaganza movie week). Yet my alarm clock fell off of my bed in the middle of the night and so I did not wake up at the intended time of 7:45. Which was okay.
But I got up and said "Eff the bus, I'm going to drive and see if I can park close to the BioSci building" (I was on my way to Bio 25). So I drove to Science Drive (where all of the sciencey classes are at Duke) and saw multiple parking lots but they either required special permits or money per hour. And though I knew I wasnt' going to be parked for an hour (Bio lecture is only 45 min) I decided not to risk getting fined (I couldn't find 2 dollars) so I drove to Dunkin Donuts and got me a strawberry glazed donut.

A very productive morning I had. Indeed. :)

Theeeeeeen I find that (one of my FAV onsugar sites) put up the pictures of Temperley London's fall collection from NYC fashion week.

First of all - i love the name Temperley London. I think it's whimsical. And I love anything whimsical. Out of the gazillion email updates I get about Fashion Week I think this designer is one of my favorites.

Second of all - the clothes are kick a$$. LOVE THEM. They have a very British feel to them. I think it's because some of the models are wearing hats like the guards at Buckingham palace and also because of the play on the shoulders and how it looks like a guard's suit. Also a few of the pieces have Red, White, and Blue like the flag. How can you not like jolly old England?
They have The Queen, Harry Potter, Oxford college, Monty Python, HARRY POTTER!!!

My favorite one is this
An outfit that's totally brill (<--British slang). I can actually see myself wearing it and adding the ace (<--more British slang) hat that some of the other models were wearing and then I would be a fit bird (<--last bit of British slang) decked out in the London look.