Thursday, August 12, 2010

Finance meets Fashion (kinda)

I am considering a career in finance (along with law, pr, and being a ninja) so when I find news about it AND the fashion world I get all excited (except when I hear about Models and Bottles - ugh and double ugh). 

This picture, however, made me giggle profusely. 
What we see here is the CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs, Mr. Lloyd Blankfein, wearing a pair of acid wash denim jeggings. I found this lovely photo and the following information from The Cut.

My first reaction was "WTF? NO WAY!!" And my second reaction was "WHO PHOTOSHOPPED THIS?" And yes, it was photoshopped by The Cut. The people at Goldman think that these will be a hawt selling item for the winter/fall season for all levels of clothing sales (luxury, moderately priced, low priced). If only he would actually wear them. (I hope not. I would die of laughter and I have so much more to experience in life!) Now that would be true sign of dedication to the data findings.

I do not apply to this data because I will not be buying any. I don't think that they are a good look for me. 

What do you think of Jeggings? What do you think of this picture? Are you thinking about working and/or actually working in finance or fashion? Let me know!!! 

The Girl with Love on her 4head

p.s. Found the CUTEST widget-turtle. What do you think? 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Go Ahead - Make My Day

Two things that made me SUPER HAPPY. 

1. My shoes came! 
(Remember these?!)

I don't have batteries so I cannot take and show you guys photos of these beauties. However, I will put them up soon! 

2. This picture. 

Have any good news? May the force be with yall too!!

The Girl with Love on her 4head

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Guilt and Gilt

Today before my Financial Accounting class I checked twitter and saw the following...

And I thought - "Oh Yeah! I forgot that Jeffrey Campbell had a Gilt Sale today." 

I am signed up to Gilt, and Ideeli, and Rue La La. I often look to see what they have on sale, but I never actually BUY anything because 
1. I never have enough money
2. When I do have enough money I still cannot justify spending the amount they want me to pay with my meager poor-college-kid money. 


My heart stopped when I saw these...

First, realize that I have been looking for a pair of unique, almost-my-skin-tone, platformed, close toed, roundish/pointy-ish, heels for FOREVER. This shoe actually met ALL of my qualifications! 

Add THAT with the competitive nature of the website...

You have to click on the item and put it in your cart before someone else. If another person has it, you go on "the Wait List" (<-- ugh...smells like college admissions). If they do not purchase it in 10 minutes, you are alerted that it is available. However, you have to be the first to put it in your cart and buy it in 10 minutes. 

Well, I saw them and clicked on the 10 which became sold out a minute later. However I realized I needed a 9. But there was a wait-list for that. I sat there in AGONY for 3-5 minutes, refreshing the page over and over again until the 9 became bold - and I clicked and I WON! 

Victory, Thy name is shoe!!!! 

I get that in reality, it is not REALLY a contest. However being the one to click, keep the shoe in my cart, and buy the last pair of size 9s just made my inner self-centered Cancer sign and prideful Leo sign (I'm a Cancer/Leo cusp girl alllll the way) grin from ear to ear.

So then I had TWO reasons to justify buying the shoes 1. I wanted shoes like that 2. It's totally (not really) a competition - and I won!!!

Add THAT to the price

The price was slashed from $153 to $69. That's an $84 price drop. Jeffery Campbell is one of my favorite brands that I never buy because they are too expensive and TA-DA, a decently priced pair falls in my lap. 

And then you get my justification for making a purchase on Gilt Group!

I am a little worried that I dropped almost $100, no questions asked, in about 5 minutes. I am also a little worried that I had my card number memorized, which means I have been doing a LOT of online shopping to have that sucker known by heart. And I know I should feel a little guilty at spending this money I should save for books. 

But you know what? 

Guilt. Schmilt. Scottish Kilt!!!!

Do you impulse buy? What items are you on the look out for? Have any great Gilt or other similar website stories? Let me know down below lovelies!!!

The Girl with Love on her 4headddd.