Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year! New Semester! New Shoes!

Lara Stone in this year's first issue of U.S. Vogue (she's my favorite model. SO much personality. love love love her)

What are we going to call this next decade when we reflect on it when we're in a future decade?
I mean when we get to 2020 - 2030 we're going to call it the 20's. So do we say for now? The '10's?

I looked up 1910 - 1920 on Google to see if there was a name and all I got was stuff on the Mexican Revolution that lasted from 1910 - 1920. Whatever. It's a new year!!!!!

What do you think we should call this new decade?

I'm still figuring out what to do this semester. It's rather unfortunate because this semester will impact the rest of my college life in many ways.

1. If I don't get my gpa up this semester I can kiss going to a top 20 law school good-bye (oh and I recently had an Elle Woods moment and decided that I want to be a lawyer. Fashion law is a growing field. I would like to do lawyerly stuff somewhere in that area or entertainment law/intellectual property whoot!)

2. I want to be an English major

3. I feel I need to actually get experience at a fashion internship and do Duke in New York - a fabulous program offered by my school - next Fall

4. I also want to study abroad in Italy next spring and do a fall internship at a fashion company

5. And (maybe...if I have ANY money left and/or if my parents don't beg me to come back home) Tokyo next summer

SO to do this I must take Italian, English, and Japanese. Great. Not too hard. I am enrolled in Jpn 2 and I am waitlisted - bleh - for the Italian and English class.

The part where I go "whyyyyy???" for decision making is with the other classes. I am enrolled in two marketing classes with really good teachers. But I want to be in a music theory course too! I dropped the m.theory course to take the Italian course but I'm having second thoughts. So I am wondering if I should drop the marketing courses. OR be really balsy/almost send myself to be a cavewoman who is constantly studying so she won't FAIL and ask to have 6.00 credits and take the music theory class too.

Music is in my blood more than anything. So I feel like I should take the theory course to better understand something that is so important to me. BUT I don't want to fail or drop any of the other classes.

Not only that but I don't even know if I'll be able to get IN the English and Italian classes. I am #3 for Italian and #4 for English. And I talked to the English teacher about being in his class because it sounds kick-butt beyond belief. He told me "Just stay on the wait list. Once I had a class with over 22 people on the wait list and after about two weeks the class roster was under it's limit of 18 students and had 12." It didn't hit me until after this conversation that that fact should probably lift a huge red flag of how tough this teacher is. But he and his class sound so AWESOME!


Oh and I'm trying to lose weight and thinking about joining a sorority.

GAH! Why must I continue to write a check that my tush can't cash (stole that quote from Rocket Power. ;) Did anyone else ABSOLUTELY LOVE that show?)

Any suggestions to what I should do? I would love them. If you have even the slightest idea of what I should do or want to tell me your own dilemma - comment!

Regardless of what I chose to do academically, when I come back to school this weekend these shoes should be waiting for me to pick up at the post office.

That's right! I got em! Nearly broke the bank and took most of my Christmas money...and a good bit of my book money. Hehe...Oops.
But I can't WAIT to wear them.

At least I have something AWESOME and DEFINITE to look forward to. When I get sad about having to make a choice about classes, or whether to eat a brownie or go for a walk, or commit myself to getting great grades (not good, GREAT) instead of doing another musical or joining a sorority, I can look down at my feet and think "DANG I HAVE ON AWESOME SHOES!"

Ciao my blogger bellas

The girl with love on her forehead

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