Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A note to the creater of the manga Naruto...

What on earth Mr. Kishimoto?!?!
You killed off Hinata right after she told Naruto she loved him. Do you know how long us Naruto-Hinata cheerleaders have been waiting for that moment (I am actually stuck in the middle part of me wants Sasuke and Sakura to be together and at the same time it would be cute if she ended up liking Naruto...but I digress). I made the mistake of reading the last chapter in public and I screamed when I read the part where she said I love you and then screamed again and almost started crying when on the next page she was DEAD!!! I hope she really isn't dead and just is badly injured...like you did with Neji, Chouji, and Shikamaru. If you killed her off you are still awesome but a big meanie. Keep them chapters coming...bring back Sasuke-kun! He's been gone for too long. Love ya much. ~BreaD

She loves you yeah yeah yeah

And now she's DEAD waaaaaaah :(