Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sale! at Wet Seal!

Currently watching Real Housewives of Atlanta. Love this show. I love all of the Housewives but the girls from Atlanta are my favorite (Jersey is a VERY close second but ATL is my #1)

But I digress...

Tomorrow is the LAST day of Wetseal's free shipping on everything. Also it is their last day for buy one get one half off on denim. As a matter of fact they are even slashing down some of the denim prices and afterward it isn't on the list of buy one get one half off but still it's a $#!@-ton cheaper than before. They also have 3 for $15.00 on basic tees and some of the tops are $3.00 each.

And the list of things on sale goes on

I am trying to build my wardrobe beyond what I have (a collection of sweet tshirts mainly) and ba
sic tees and tanks are a staple.

I have currently bought from Wet Seal

Black, purple, and turquoise racerback tanks

Leggings with cut out slashes and holes

And a purple (grape according to the website) colored destroyed denim mini

In my opinion my money has been well spent thought I should probably have been saving it for school stuff such as you know, text books. hehe oh well.

I am debating on getting this nautical style cardigan

and a black cardigan too.

They have a get one for $15.00 and one more for 1/2 off special going on and I want to take advantage of that and the free shipping.

And I don't have any cardigans. I only have a few hoodies and an amazing jac
ket with Sasuke and Itachi on the back (yeah that's right Sasuke and Itachi - it's heavenly)

Should I just go for it and buy them?

I also want this skirt.

It's so feminine and cute and reminds me of a ballerina. I do pirouettes randomly in public anyway. Why not be dressed properly while doing it?
Yet it's about $20.00.

Should I get this too? Or just the skirt? Or neither?

Help! I need to know this before 11:59 tomorrow night!

Aaaaand if you can't decide on what I should do, get something for you at Wetseal (click here!) and let me know what you got! I love hearing about other people and their shopping adventures, especially when it involves a sale and a great deal.


~ The girl with love on her forehead

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Take a bite out of life. Om nom nom

Shabby Apple.
Such a beautiful brand of clothes.
Found them through a contest on the rockstardiaries (didn't win. boo :( )
Elegant. Lovely. Stylish.

My five favorite styles

-Lincoln Center

- Evita

- Fifth Avenue

- Rita Hayworth

- Nancy Drew

If you like any of them click on the pictures and look at them. These small pictures don't do the full dresses justice. Seriously...if I wasn't saving my money to go to the happiest place on earth with my rhyming counterparts I would be buying Lincoln Center. I guess I'll have to save that present to myself for Christmas.

If you do go to Shabby Apple let me know the ones that you liked!

Oh and another thing. If you like fashion and style and you like looking at real people and their street style.Or if you think that you should showcase your style - You might like
I have an invite thing if this seems like the site for you.
If you want it let me know!

- The girl with love on her forehead

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Can I please be Emma Watson for a day?
Not just because she's beautiful, talented, and smart...

Teen Vogue []

Russian Vogue []

Russian Vogue []

Russian Vogue []

Burberry Autumn/Winter 09 [Google Images]

Burberry Autumn/Winter 09 [Google Images]

Her as Hermione!!!

but because she gets to be near Danielle Radcliffe and
makeout with Rupert Grint.
Lucky betch. :)
I was inspired so by her pictures for Burberry that I came up with an outfit with Burberry items.
Behold: What I wish I was wearing to a party I'm going to in less than 30 minutes.

Don't party too hard my lovlies.

- The girl with love on her forehead

Friday, September 4, 2009


I love my Japanese class.
It's a f#$% load (thanks Lily Allen for this lovely phrase) of work and I'm kind of bad at it but I'm learning and having a good time.
I am particularly good at saying the phrase "Kono wa niku desu ka" at inopportune times.
I should be studying for a quiz I have tomorrow but instead I am paying homage to awesome Japanese fashion designers...

I should get extra credit in Japanese for this
I should get extra credit in Japanese for this by breadisgood4u featuring Eley Kishimoto

Here are a few fashions from some of the ones I showcased above.

Yohji Yamamoto

Junya Watanabe
(the First Lady wears his stuff!)

p.s. Kono wa niku desu ka = Is this meat???


Good night and good luck with all of your school work

- The girl with love on her forehead