Wednesday, December 9, 2009

La Vita Bella

Last night as I watched Detective Conan (at home - yay home!) I got a huuuge craving for chocolate and lemonade gelato. One scoop stacked right on top of the other. mmmm.

But I know there is nowhere near my house to get gelato. In Durham there was a little shop but it is not as good as the kind I had in Italy.

*Cue cheesy Italian accent and hand gestures* - Ahhh Italy!!!

I have been blessed to go to Italy not once but twice in the past 3 years. Rome is one of my favorite cities EVER! Some of my happiest moments have been in Italy.

Happy Memory 1. Grapefruit Gelato
I bought it at the beautiful little gelato shop in Florence. It was such a wonderfully sweet yet tart treat. And while I was eating it I had to run in the rain to catch a train back to Rome. I think that made it taste better. :P
I was with my cousins and they were full of fail and dropped their gelato while they ran and I ate and ran like a pro. Good times. Yet I have NEVER found grapefruit gelato anywhere. In Rome, in Duhram, in Atlanta. ANYWHERE!!! :(

Happy Memory 2. McDonald's
The first night in Italy was in Rome. My cousins and our friend TJ were STARVING and nothing was open - except McDonald's. I was like "WTF I'm here in Italy - FREAKIN ITALY - and the first thing I do is go to Mickey D's". I hated eating at McDonald's in America. But I was so hungry I went. I remember wanting a cheeseburger with bacon. They didn't have that. Instead they had a cheeseburger with prosciutto (??? correct me if I'm wrong) It looked like bacon even thought they told me it wasn't. I figured meat is meat and when in Rome...
My cousin Antonio ordered a medium drink and TJ ordered a medium fries. These mediums did not look like mediums. We were so fascinated with the sizes we took pictures!!!

And then TJ realized he didn't have ketchup. So we went to the counter and asked for ketchup.
The guy at the counter smiled and said "(don't remember the amount) euro."

We must have looked completely confused. So he said it again. And I don't remember who, though it was probably me, but someone said "Waaaaaait. We have to PAY for KETCHUP???"
And the guy shrugged and smiled at our confused American faces and slid over the ketchup and goes "it's alright. you take ketchup free."

THEN about ten minutes later my cousin wanted a refill. "It's McDonald's. They do free refills all over, right?" ...wrong. He went to the counter and said "refill". The guy at the counter was confused. Tonio went "Reeeefilll" and made a gesture of the cup being filled. The guy at the counter understood! And he smiled and said "(don't remember the amount) euro." Fact: There are no free soda refills in Italy. :)

A random memory but it was the first thing I did in Italy, so it sticks out.

Happy memory 3. Italian people
This is actually multiple memories shoved into one.

The first time I went to Italy I remember being on a train through Tuscany staring at sheep and playing card games with my friends and havin a good ol' time be loud and obnoxious Americans. Oops. To our left was this woman who was the epitome of chic European style. She had on gorgeous leather boots, stylish and super straight dark brown bob with bangs, and was reading Italian Vogue. I almost took a picture of her. But I didn't because it would have been super creepy.

I also remember going to a gelato shop close to the hotel I stayed at the first time in Rome. (If gelato seems to be a recurring theme it's because ate a TON of gelato in Italy. I can't help it, I'm a fatty.) And all of my friends were like "YEAH WE CAN BUY ALCOHOL!!!" and I was pumped too "YEAH I GET TO BUY GELATO!!!" (like I said...fatttttty) And they were toward the back of the store while I was in the front. Then a different guy came to take the money for my lemon and chocolate gelato. He = epitome of beautiful Italian boy. And I think that he could tell that I thought he was hawt beyond words. I remembered paying him and saying "Ciao" and he winked and said "Ciao Bella". I melted. But don't worry my gelato didn't! I ate that in a heartbeat!!

My second time in Rome the mission was sight-see by day and partaaaay by night with random Italians. And as you can see by the pictures below my friends and I were quite successful.

(these guys here saw me taking pictures and were like "Take picture! Take picture!" And I was like..."ok. if you want random crazy Italian dudes." :P)

Though I must admit the music at the clubs we went to was horrible; nothing but house music. Not techno - house. The same thumping beat with NO WORDS over and over again.

These are three of many, many, many happy memories of Italy. Every time I have gone I have made a wish in the Trevi fountain. They say that if you do you'll be back in Rome again. It worked the first time. Can't wait until I find the opportunity to go again!

Have you ever been to Italy? What is your favorite country that you don't call home? What's your favorite flavor of gelato? :)

Let me know. Ciao my bellas!

- The girl with love on her forehead

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