Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Question

Has something ever happened to  you that  you really wanted to happen and when it did happen the actual moment was nowhere near what you expected it to be?

I'm like a mixture of elated, shocked, and bummed all at the same time. I had always imagined when I would hear the news I heard that I would read the news the day it was supposed to come, be super excited, and those I told would be excited too.

But the news came early, so it completely blew me away - I'm still wondering if I'm dreaming because I have had dreams (nightmares is more like it) about this news the past week or so. And when I told my mom she was the opposite of excited - total buzz kill supreme with lame sauce on top.

I'll stop being so cryptic and tell yall what's up when I figure out how to get my way ;)

Best of luck with life yall!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Month Later....

I'm back in Amurikah! Huzzah!
Gotta admit though - I miss my prosciutto. Overall, I'm beyond thrilled to be back in the United States. There is nothing like coming home to your doggie, having your own TV (we just got netflix and it has been nothing but anime marathons every freakin day), and not having to convert the currency.

At the end of this month my cousin, who I met in London in April, will be coming down to visit me. I loved England so much!!! Me and my best friend from college had a super touristy experience and saw Wesminister, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, and all of that good stuff, plus we had a super-fan-girl experience and visited where they shot various scenes from various Harry Potter movies. (Don't judge!! :) )
One of the places we went to was the Forest of Dean (we also saw where they shot many castle scenes). The weather was so nice and warm. I love where I live, but yesterday the "cooler" temperature was 90 degrees haha.

I was told that the food in England was bad. Whoever said that was a LIAR. Sooo tasty!!!
Big Ben by car at night
London Eye By Car at Night - I could see it from my hostel's room too!!!

*sigh* I had to take a picture, okay?

Outskirts of the forest

Too pretty!
I tried to get a shot of the outer part of the forest from the bus I took and I realized...the forest is really big! (obvi-duh)

We decided to be real dorks and read excerpts from when they were in the Forest of Dean while WE were in the Forest of Dean.

Stay cool! :) (Literally...because figuratively I have just dorked up your day by 200% haha)