Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eye, Eye, Eye - Your eyes hypnotize!

(twenty points if you remember which 90s cartoon the title is from)

My new coveted make up look is of one I saw in a makeup tutorial on youtube with MAC Fly By Night blue.
Now this blue is beautiful but since the girl was a fair skinned the color will show up a bit differently on her than it will on me. Soooo today I actually went to find it at the Mall O Georgia but got sidetracked by Sephora. And I found a wonderful alternative.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eyepencil in Flipside a.k.a. bright teal

It looked okay on my hand. The color Deviant (a darker blue) looked like MAC's Fly By Night blue and the teal looked a bit darker than the color shown above on my brown skin. I really wanted a pretty cerulean blue that pops against my skin. And then I added...

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Air Guitar a.k.a. Blue

to the Flipside eyeliner and it was a beautiful shade of blue that was glimmery and shiny. It made my skin look vibrant and my eyes look really dark and lovely. I didn't get it in the store because I intend on buying it (hopefully) during an after Christmas sale, so sadly I cannot prove to you now how awesome the color combo looked.

I'm excited. I'll have a great look for my eyes when I go out...I just need to find more places to go so I can have the excuse to wear blue glitter eyeliner. :P

What is your favorite brand of eyeliner? What's your go-to shade for schmexy night time eyes?
Lemmie know.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

The girl with love on her forehead

p.s. the title is from Dexter's Laboratory...the episode where the creepy girl with the anime eyes has a crush on him

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