Monday, November 8, 2010

Italian Fashion Question 3 - Whether the Weather Is Cold

Once again, to all of you who answered my past Italian Fashion Questions or just left a comment - Thank You!! :) 

I hate being cold. My allergies mess up, my eczema flares up, it makes my skin flakey, and I have to always put on and take off clothes as I walk in and out of buildings. But I guess I gotta suck it up if I'm going to Italy. I read that the average temp in Feb and March is below 65 degrees. Homie don't play that. 

Question 3: What is the weather like in Italy? In particular, what is it like in Winter in Rome? How cold does it get? What do you wear to stay warm?

I guess that means I have to actually invest in a coat. I don't have one! Can you believe it? Well...I do, but it's a furry yet beautiful monstrosity of a coat that does the job, but looks silly. I love it, but I'm going to need another one. I am obsessed with Cape Coats. I have been for a loooong time (see me gush about them here and here) They are pretty prevalent in expensive high fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Rag and Bone, but the trend did not really catch on for the more affordable labels. So unfortunately every Cape Coat I have seen and fallen in love with is SUPER EXPENSIVE. *sigh* Story of my life. 

You've heard of the term Drama Queen? Well this style- It's a Drama-Coat. I love it!
My favorites are below.

$388 -

280 GBP - ($)454

$745 -


$1,125 -

Alexander McQueen Wool belted cape
$2,735 -
(This one is my FAVORITE! McQueen can do NO WRONG)
Even if you don't live in Italy, please let me know what you do to stay warm in cold weather and not look like a furry monster. I'd really appreciate the tips from yall.


  1. thank you for your comment!
    yes i made them on myself.
    Im following you to

  2. Second and third capes(and outfits) are amazing!! xx

  3. A cape is the perfect Italian style outerwear! chic and warm :)

  4. a cape will surely keep you warm!
    anyway Rome doesn't get very very cold...sun shines a lot down there and if it does get cold (max below 10 degrees) it's only for a few days...
    I spent a new year's eve there a few years ago and it was snowing but that was pretty atypical...

  5. yes here in Italy right now is going cold! :(
    these cape are so cool!!!
    Keep in touch girl!
    big kisses

  6. une très jolie sélection de cape, que j'aime beaucoup, ma préférée est aussi celle de A. McQueen

  7. Nice post and blog! In Italy is cold, but not too much! I'm not wearing coat right now, but leather jacket, or something similar! I live in Bologna, so in Rome is more hot :)
    Thanks so much for your comment darling, go on wwith your italian ^^ I follow you, hoping you'll do the same

  8. Hi! very nice blog! New follower! I hope you'll follow me back! Kiss


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