Thursday, November 4, 2010

Italian Fashion Question 2 - High Heels and Rome Streets

To all of you who looked at my blog and commented on my first question - Thank you!!! 

I should be studying for the Italian test I have tomorrow, but instead I'm blogging. I mean, technically if I'm researching and blogging about Italy that's studying Italian, right??

Question 2: Is it true that in Italy (In particular Rome) it is hard to walk around in high heels?

Yes, another shoe question, but I really have to keep my suitcase a simple as possible and will be bringing a basic set of clothes and using a lot accessories and shoes to give me different looks. Here are a few pairs that I am currently coveting and a list of where to buy them. 

I already have the shoe on the upper right hand corner of the first picture - a sensible and comfy pair of 3.5 inch heels from Payless. But I REALLY want the shoes on top of the second picture - a HAWT pair of 5 inch Jeffrey Campbell heels...and I already have a pair of JC shoes (see how I bought them here!), but one more pair won't hurt!! Let me know what you think of these shoes.

I remember the second time I went to Rome that I was hobbling in my low heeled boots on the cobblestone streets, but I thought that was because I was clumsy. I mean, now I can RUN in 5 inch stilettos so I figured that I was stumbling because I was a high heel noob (and probably had a bit too much Limoncello to drink hehe). But today I received a guide from students who went abroad to Rome and one of the girls suggested boots, but not so much heels. I really like heels because I am barely 5'3''. But I also like being comfortable.

How bad is it to walk around Rome in heels all day or even for just a night? What's it like? How do you feel about walking around in heels where you live?
Let me know!!! 


  1. no problem about the long comment. It is definately helpful. I'm really only against "MAC-heads" when it comes to paying upper of $14 for lipsticks, lipglosses, and eyeshadows. I totally understand those who buy important things like foundation and concealer from them. I have done it myself in the past, but right now, I'm pretty broke in college, so that will have to wait until I'm actually making money lol. I'm difinately willing to try it at some point though. As for the drug store products you mentioned, I'll probably give them all a try as soon as I'm done with the project I'm doing. Thanks again. Wish I could help with the Italy stuff. I haven't been there, but I can tell you that in Europe in general, people walk a lot. When I was in France, Spain and England, I wore a brand new pair of flats into the ground in less than two weeks lol.

  2. i've never been to italy, but i think it's hard to walk around in high heels because a lot of the roads are made of cobblestone. i know the roads in belgium are like that, so it's easier for your heels to get stuck in between the stones. that's my guess though! :)

  3. Oh my gosh!! I love the Leather Corset Back High Heel, they are awesome :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog

  4. love the shoes!
    thanks for the lovely comment!
    You follow me and than i follow you???

  5. You just got me SO excited for my Italy trip this spring! Oh, and Jeffrey Campbell shoes are amazing. I have a pair of his flats and I lovvve them to pieces.

  6. Glad you liked my costume! And thats awesome that you were Harry Potter too. Idk what I'm gonna do with my life when the series is over... prlly just re-read them all lol. love your new profile pic too btw

  7. Gorgeous shoes, I love the Jeffery Campell ones. Amazing! Thanks for the sweet comment, as usual, you put a smile on my face! + Just did a new post!
    Panda xo

  8. Thanks for your comment, i'll write a new post tomorrow :) (i don't speak english very well) ahah

  9. all lovely shoes
    love the vibe of your blog and hoefully you can visit mine and enter the GIVEAWAY!!

  10. True if you are in Rome...not so if you visit Milan or other cities
    but you can still get use to cobblestone :)

  11. Love the pink heels, their cute!


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