Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thank You For Being a Friend Part 3: Blanche Devereaux

This is part three to Thank You For Being a Friend, my tribute to The Golden Girls. Part One on Sophia Petrillo can be seen here  and Part Two for Dorothy Zbornak here. :)

Blanche Devereaux 

Recently passed ( =( ) Rue McClanahan brought the sultry, sexy, Georgia girl known as Blanche Devereaux to life. Blanche, age...???? - she NEVER told her age and if she did, it was always under 45. Though in the Mother's Day episode she said she was 17 in 1949 which would make her 54 in 1985. (Caught ya Blanche!) She  always mentions how much younger and prettier she is than her roommates (Fun fact: She actually WAS over ten years younger than Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty, and Betty White.). This often gets on their nerves, but they brush it off. Though she is very hung up on her looks and frequently brags about sleeping with a new man every other day, the girls love her vivaciousness and generosity. Blanche values being sensual and sexy. She also values being Southern and feminine. Her quips about living in the South and being from Georgia are the best (fellow GA girl here - holla! :) ), only second in hilarity to Sophia's quips about Blanche being a slut. She is certainly the life of the party at their Miami house.At the same time she is a  good friend and when she opens her heart she can do some really sweet things.

Her outfits definitely bring out her personality. She wears dresses in the show that even I don't have the figure to pull of - and Rue M was over 50 years old! (Hope I'm that hawt when I'm fifty...) Blanche is daring enough to wear something short, tight, low cut, backless - anything! She's proud of her body and wants the people of Miami to be proud of it too.

She's on the left wearing a sassy and short black dress with shoulder embellishment.

 Red is one of Blanche's go-to colors during a special event (Including her own wedding dress! See second picture below). It brings out the Miami tan. She is also not afraid to wear sparkles and sequins.

Her more everyday wear consisted of wearing dresses with blazers. Normally the dress would be patterned and the blazer would be a pretty pastel color. Sometimes instead of a dress, she would wear a skirt with a lacy top under a blazer.

I also noticed that she would often wear the same color from head to toe. Her jacket would match her shirt which matched her pants. 

From color to pattern she would be the same. 

Finally, the one item that Blanche almost ALWAYS rocks is heels. She wants to be feminine and sexy at all times. She wears heels with pants, skirts, dresses, even with her nightgown and bathrobe. The only time I can remember me not seeing her in heels on the show was when she came back from playing a baseball game, and that was 1 episode out of almost 200.  She has 3 different pairs (that I can recall). 1 pair that criss-crosses across the toes that was a nude color, a matching style shoe in black, and heels with feathery stuff on top for bedtime.

If you have seen my other two GG posts you know the drill: What I would wear to create a Blanche look for the hot-hot heat is on the left and on the right is what I think Blanche's younger trend following self would wear. I would try and keep it super feminine and at the same time flirty by wearing a short little red dress with flowers. I like the sweetheart neckline. It's girly and sexy at the same time (helloooooo clevage!). To emulate her blazer I would wear a light pink blazer over the dress with a similar color flower necklace. On my feet would be a pair of super tall and super strappy nude wedges to emulate her nude heels. 

I think Blanche's 2010 Spring/Summer trend would be Boudoir/Underwear-as-Outerwear. I gave her a party outfit instead of an everyday outfit. She would wear her trademark party look - sequins! And lots of red too! I can see her wearing a sparkly tunic with a red bandeau top underneath to give that "peek-a-boo" affect. The tunic would be over a pair of red skinny jeans. Also, she would wear platform heels with, of course, sequins. 

Do you think I captured Blanche's style? How would you recreate a Blanche look? Are you a Golden Girls fan? I'd love to hear from you!!!

The Girl With Love on Her Forehead

p.s. Want to see another approach to Blanche's look? Check this one out here at Southern Flair.


  1. Oh girl, I'd fall asleep without good shoes to keep my daydreaming haha! So impressed you could turn Blache's style into wearable outfits for girls out age!! Blache was like, one of the original cougars--she was always going out with guys waaaaay too young for her lol!!

  2. Glad to see you did the Blanche post! I love both the looks you've created.. especially that blazer! So pretty!


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