Friday, June 4, 2010

Perpetual Anticipation

I am patiently waiting for the last chapter of Full Metal Alchemist to come out. Me and my otaku friends are checking the internet for this chapter almost every day. Full Metal Alchemist is a
fantastic series. It is, hands down, one of my top 3 favorite manga and anime. Hopefully everyone will like the ending! I have faith in Ms. Hiromu Arakawa that she will end the series really well and not disappoint her many, many fans.

Full Metal Alchemist talks about all of the "biggies": Existence of God, family, love, hatred, humanity, sins, metal, morals, and more! And it's an action-y show that is HILARIOUS! Not only that, but the girls aren't ANNOYING or USELESS. In some anime, in particular the shonen anime, (which is what I mainly watch) the main-girl characters *cough*Naruto's character, Sakura*cough* are a downer to the series. Yet FMA has girls that KICK ASS!

Three Examples: (I'll do my best to not spoil any of the plot. Sadly this means the explanations are going to be brief and really I'm just going to fangirl about these characters.)

Izumi Curtis a.k.a. Teacher (dub) Sensei (Japanese)

This character is an expert at alchemy and a master at martial arts. She can fight bears (see picture above) and even take down trained military men. Ed and Al, the main characters of the series, were her alchemy students and they will forever call her "Sensei".

I think she is such a unique character. She's pretty and powerful. At the same time she's "just a housewife devoted to her husband". She is really hardcore, but we see, from what happens in the series, that she is very sensitive and caring.

A housewife devoted to her husband
who can kill you with her bare hands.


Winry is another pretty character. Every time she goes to a new town there is a comment about how cute she is. However she is more than just cute, she is a gifted auto-mail (the metal stuff Ed's arm is made of - see picture below) mechanic. She is sweet, but when it comes to Ed she is no nonsense. He is often putting himself in dangerous situations and Winry, who is concerned for his safety, yells at him. (see other picture below). They are totally in love with each other, even though they won't admit it. It's so cute. If they don't eventually get married and make babies I will be PISSED.

and my personal favorite...

General Olivier Mira Armstrong

Also known as "Ice Queen", "Northern Wall of Briggs" and BADASS.

She is a General in the military and keeps watch of the Northern borders of the country Amestris (where FMA takes place). Everyone has incredible respect for her because she's incredibly smart, cunning, beautiful, and ruthless. Her troops have ultimate loyalty to her and to the Northern Border of Amerstris known as Briggs.

She has a really cool sword and knows how to use it!

I know...I know - Enough being a fan girl! Fine! I'll stop.

Have you read the last chapter of Full Metal Alchemist? (Don't hog it to yourself! Tell me where it is!!!! :P) Have you watched the first series of the anime? Are you watching the second one?

Holla baaaaack!

The Girl with Lahv, Lahv, Lahv, on her Forehead


  1. Love it!

  2. Whats the difference between Fullmetal alchemist and Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood? I want to start watching the series but i am confused in what order it goes... oh and btw great blog!


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