Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Lovin

I was sitting here avoiding writing a paper, listening to Liz Phair, and checking my email, until I saw that Wet sent me an update of their "Just Arrived" stock. I was very impressed with what was available on the website. Often I go to and see a few things that are cute and affordable, but not a lot. However, I found a plethora of cute summer things! Thank goodness I have not gotten paid yet or I would have spent every last cent on new clothes! GAH!
I decided, since I cannot buy the clothes (yet *wink*), I would make looks out of them. Not all of what is below is from "Just Arrived" but all is from

All of the looks are inspired from summer activities like sitting on a porch swing, shopping, and (in my case) walking around a beautiful campus on a summer's day. Also, every look has the Spring/Summer 2010 trends of crop tops and pretty lacy things!
I tried my hardest to have both trends and keep each outfit under $100.

Though the boots are cute, if I were actually wearing this and on a swing outdoors with my boy Sherlock, I'd be barefootin it. :)

Crop Top - $15.00
Skirt - $13.99
Boots - $39.50
Necklace - $8.50
Mixed Bangles - $7.00
Sunglasses - $7.50

Total = $91.49

I love the lace bangle. It is very simple, yet quite pretty. Also, I am a big fan of the tie bottom crop top. It's very Southern summer with Daisy Duke, no?

Crop Top - $17.50
Jeans - $29.50
Wedges - $29.50
Lace Bangle - $6.00
Headband - $6.00

Total = $88.50

FLOPPY HAT!!!!!! I love hats. I also love the bike shorts trend going on too. The shorts have lace inlets that look like bike shorts underneath. I could totally see me wearing something like this while walking around West Campus.

Cropped T-Shirt - $18.50
Lace Tank - $16.50
Shorts - $24.50
Flower Earrings - $7.00
Floppy Hat - $12.50
Gladiators - $10.00

Total = $89.00
(Note: The shoes were on sale so I think that it would be over if they weren't. However I liked them and they fit my $100 limit - yay me!)

What do you think of the looks? Do you like Wetseal? What are your favorite trends this summer? Do you like Sherlock Holmes?

Comment below!!! I would love to hear from you. :)

The Girl With Love on Her Forehead

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