Monday, June 21, 2010

And All Shall Know the Wonder of Purple Summer

Happy Summer Solstice! 
It certainly has been a very happy few days lately. 

Top 3 Things That Happened to Me This Weekend:

1. My family came to visit and I got to take them on a tour of my Not-So-Secret-Garden and my Hogwarts-like campus. They loved it!

2. I got paid!!!! And splurged at Sephora. I'm like a kid in a candy store in Sephora. Dropped about 1/3 of my paycheck on makeup (some of which is photographed below)

3. Heard back from Zephyr, the editor in chief of and I was selected out of $#@%-tons of girls to be a Looks On Campus Contributor. So I guess if you want to read more of my style ramblings, you can head there in a few weeks and read what I have to say about the fashionistas and fashionistos on campus. 

I figured I need to get used to my camera again since I'm going to be photoging AND writing for CF, so I took a few shots of my First Day of Summer/Purple Summer (From Spring Awakening - Any musical freaks out there?) inspired makeup I'll be wearing out tonight. The gold-ish purple turns into light purple which turns into a blue purple, like the sky during a really cool sunset (see picture above). Unfortunately, my camera takes great photos of others and horrible ones of me so the colors are not as cool as they look in real life.

Do you like it? Does is scream "Purple Summer" or Does it look too cray-cray?

(p.s. forgive my eyebrows, they are naturally super thick and look insanely caterpillar like really close up, aaaand I promise I have pupils even though you cannot see them. My eye color is extremely dark brown and is almost a black as my actual pupil :P)

Once again, Happy First Day of Summer! 

Comment on how your summer is going! I would love to hear! :) 

The Girl with Love on Her Forehead


  1. Congrats on CF! I'm a huge fan of CF, so I'll definitely keep an eye out for your posts. Zephyr is such a sweetheart, too. I actually applied during the last round of applications, but she isn't accepting high school students.

    Your eye makeup looks gorgeous! The gradient from blue to purple is incredible.

    Thanks for the blog comment. :) I had an amazing time at Zumba!

    xoxo Hannah

  2. Congrats on the CF thing! I love their website.

  3. I'm the same way when it comes to sephora, no worries.
    Love the eye makeup!

  4. The purple looks really great, it's bold but not over the top. Well done.


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