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Musings on being Down to Earth - with a new link!

I posted this at the end of May but now I have a different, smaller clip so I'm putting it to the top for easy clickin. :)

Today I watched Rita Hayworth's
Down to Earth, 1947 sequel to 1941 movie Here Comes Mr. Jordan. Miss Hayworth plays Terpsichore (my favorite Muse!!!!!), the Greek Muse of Song and Dance. She sees a musical about her and becomes outraged because of the way she is portrayed. The girl playing "Terpsichore" dances around like a "jezebel" and talks about how she is the one who "Puts the ants in the dancer's pants". All of this gyrating and talk is to attract the attention of a good lookin G.I.. Well the real Muse will NOT have it, so she goes Down to Earth to put a stop to the show by sneaking into the auditions and wowing the casting agents into giving her the part.

(This is her in SHOCK as she watches. LOVE HER HAT!!!)

She's beautiful!!! The dance number where she works her magic is below. 

The entire clip is here. (The dance number starts at 7:00 and lasts to the end.) 
It's obvious which girl in the chorus line she is. She is the one who exudes energy, vivaciousness, sexiness, grace, and class all at the same time. She floats in her green dress and absolutely KILLS the tap number while wearing heels.

My goodness I love her dress. I found a still shot of her twirling. She looks like an absolute dream in Chiffon (I am 95% sure that it's chiffon). Just look at the movement it has! Look at the picture below to see how the screen shot captured it. There is no shell underneath it so it is uninhibited by any other fabric. The chiffon goes where Rita Hayworth goes. The green color makes her red hair pop and her brown belt shimmer as she dances.

Sadly, not many dresses are made like that anymore. Mainly dance wear and beach cover-up style dresses have that kind of freedom.

But that does not mean you can't make it work and find similar pieces! Here is a pretty cover-up style dress that is crafted like Terpsichore's dress.  The lowcut neckline is similar and so are the sleeves.

It does not have enough fabric or the right cut to make the chiffon go up when you twirl in circles, but it still has a floaty, goddess like quality.

This tunic also reminded me of Terpsichore's dress.

It is very ethereal and the simple draping is elegant .

This dress, sadly, is just an image. It is very close to the original style. It has the plunging neckline, the chunky jeweled waist, and the chiffon bottom. However it has a shell so there will not be too much movement in the dress.

This too is just an image, but I thought it was such a nice similar pick. The waist is cinched and the chiffon is cut and ready for movement. I cannot tell if a shell is under the dress or not, but if it isn't, whoo boy could you twirl around in this dress!!! The color is beautiful too!

Below is a dress that still exists! Yay! It is a red, saucy little chiffon number that definitely can move. The "flyaway chiffon" is not attached to the shell so it can flow out, away from the dress.

Do you have a style that you wish was still in style? Do you love Rita Hayworth?

Comment below and let me know!

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