Sunday, June 13, 2010

Midnight Movie - The Secret Garden

Tonight I watched the 1993 version of The Secret Garden. It is a movie that I loved when I was a little girl and I still love it now. I can only hope to one day have a home with a secret garden of my own. For now I have the Duke Gardens. It is a place which matches the beauty of the garden in the movie.'s not a secret. :) Sadly it was incredibly hot today, a nice 95 degrees. I wanted to go outside and frolic in my Hogwarts (West Campus reminds me of Hogwarts so much!) Garden, but I didn't want to sweat or get rained on because it eventually rained. Gotta love icky Southern weather. 

I basically watched the movie to try to compensate, but of course nothing beats actual nature. I still have the itch to see a real garden. 

Maybe I'll go tomorrow. For now I'll just sit here in my room inspired.

I love the clothing style of the time period of The Secret Garden. I do believe it is supposed to be in the early 1900s. It was the time of pinafores and loose frocks up to the knee for girls. I think it is such a fun and free look. The early 1900s, around 1910, is when children were first given clothes that served as "play clothes" and looked less like what the adults were wearing.

Mary, the main character, wore these fun, simple girl clothes along with ribbons in her hair and on her clothes. Also, she often went out to play in a straw hat. 

Mary frequently had on neutral colors so I kept this look pretty neutral using just black and white. It is a simple skater dress that poofs out like Mary's did in the movie. Also I found a pinafore! They actually still make and sell them (thanks Modcloth!). It goes over the black dress. Of course I did not forget the straw hat with black trim and the trademark Mary ribbon. I included the knee stockings because she wore them. Yet the shoes reminded me of these really cool boots she wore one time and with the tights I'm pretty sure they add a little sass to the sweetness of the look. And Mary was a very sassy (or as the kids used to call her, 'contrary') girl so I think it works. :) 

The next look is Mary inspired and Garden inspired. It is a simple, flowy frock with colorful flowers! This time the bow is in a form of a belt instead of in the hair. The straw hat is to keep the England sun out of the face and the flat shoes are to ensure ultimate ease when going on adventures in the beloved Garden. So the key to unlock the Secret Garden is available at all times, it is on a necklace.

Simple outfits for an extraordinary amount of fun. 

Do you like the movie The Secret Garden? What do you think of my looks? What do you wear when frolicking in nature?

Let me know down below my dears. 

The Girl With Love (and flowers!) on Her Forehead


  1. I enjoyed the movie a fair amount with its balance of childhood fantasy and gardens :) Love the outfits, the floral one is definitely a fav.

  2. Perfect! I do outfit posts with movies too!

  3. My granddaughter and I watched the video(!) this evening. She loves it. I took my daughter to the movie and it was for her I bought the video, so it's been around us for awhile now. Both my daughter and granddaughter love it and so do I. 2013 is the anniversary of its release, so I'm hoping for a re-release or at least a DVD with heaps of extras! You should also check out Charles Robinson's stunning illustrations for the original book (1912); very inspirational. The book is available from

    I like both your outfits. The first one is quite formal in a school uniform kind of way, so I lean to the floral one more. I've seen that fabric pattern before, somewhere, too.


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