Thursday, January 20, 2011

Otaku Crisis-su

I'm having a nerdy problem people.

I need new anime to watch!!!

I have been going stir crazy in my house watching episode after episode of television. I watched all of The Game in 2 and 1/2 days, tons of The Cosby Show, tons of Golden Girls, almost all of Being Eve, and sat through a marathon of Adventure Time with my little sisters...twice. I'm making up for all of the TV I didn't get to watch in school last semester I guess. Now I want to watch anime and I don't want to watch any of my oldies but goodies or like


Or even my new favsies like 
English: When Seagulls Cry

So I need new stuff, new good stuff.

Got any series that you recommend?


  1. Totoro! Hands down best kids movie I ever saw. Me and my sister LOVED that movie!

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  2. ^ everyone always says that, i still haven't seen totoro! i think i need to add that to my list.

    but yeah, i've been watching way too much tv as well. school starts next week though (ahhhh) so that should end soon.

  3. SAILOR MOON!!! hahhaha :D I don't watch much Anime so I won't be of any help in that department sadly, haha

  4. omg flcl!!! I used to LOVE that when i was younger!

  5. Hmmm have you seen Fruits Basket? or Ragnarok? or.. Chobits, or Cowboy Bebop? Mm.. that's about as far as I remember though!

    I love Spirited Away if you haven't seen that yet, and another cute anime movie is the Girl who stepped through time (I think that's the right name)


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