Thursday, January 13, 2011

Going Postal

I'm back.

Back at home.
and Back at blogging - sorry yall. The past month after the Yule Ball - WHICH WAS AWESOME - was rough.

And here at home the weather is a beautiful, snowy HOT MESS.

We have no equipment to make the roads navigable so that means my little sisters have to go to school a week late. Nobody can go to work or even get on the freakin freeway without having a wreck. It messes up EVERYTHING - including the mail. I STILL don't have my Visa to get into Italy and I mailed that sucker three days ago - express mail (1 day guaranteed delivery) and I'm pretty sure it is still in my town's postoffice. I also was supposed to have an order come to me yesterday and it still isn't here. *sigh*

Not. Cool.

I'll update with cooler...hotter??? stuff later.

Stay Warm!

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