Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fighting Temptations

I'm resisting the urge to buy anything because I leave for Italy in 2 days. However, go figure, Forever 21 has updated their stock with some REALLY cute things. Or maybe they seem cuter than normal because I can't buy them.


A List of Things I Cannot Buy (Even though I Want To)

Some good wardrobes staples that can be layered with thicker shirts for the winter and thinner ones for the spring.

Black Cardigan with Pink Hearts
Sweater with Circle Print 
Cream Infinity Scarf
Crochet Sweater
Nautical Cardigan (I'm a sucker for anything Nautical!)

Some spring dresses and a skirt

Tweed Dress
Coral Colored Dress

Dark Blue Floral Print Dress
Another Floral Print Dress
Linen Skirt
And I'm so sad that I can't get this Eiffel Tower Travel Bag before I go. Even though I'm going to Italy I totally intend on visiting Paris at least twice, so a Parisian bag would be so cute to have. Meh.


What do you think? Which would be the hardest piece for you to not buy? See anything else on forever21.com that you loved?


  1. Since I´ve been to America I´m deeply in love with forever21. I spent hours in this store! Too bad we don´t have that in Europe... I would definitly spend my money for the dark blue floral print dress :)

    Have a nice day!

    Sari from http://rotkehlchens.blogspot.com/

  2. oh all these pieces are adorable - but you're going to italy, so much better than shopping two days prior! x

  3. oh wow enjoy Italy! and if you come to Milan let me know :)
    I will be happy to show you around! xxx

  4. cool scarf, i like! <3

    It would be great if you would follow me on facebook, first take a look :)


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