Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thank You For Being a Friend Part 4: Rose Nylund

This is part four to Thank You For Being a Friend, my tribute to The Golden Girls. Part One on 
Sophia Petrillo can be seen here , Part Two for Dorothy Zbornak here, and Part Three for Blanche Devereaux here. :) 

Rose Nylund 
Rose Nylund is the nicest one of the girls, the most wholesome, and she is also the dumb blonde. Betty White, who is still alive - check out her new show Hot in Clevland (it's HILARIOUS) - shines in her portrayal of a kindhearted and naive lady from St. Olaf, Minnesota. You always knew she was about to share a (often ridiculous to everyone but her) story from her time in her hometown when you would hear her say, "Back and St. Olaf" and then hear an immediate groan or a sigh from Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche. She offers wisdom from her Viking roots, not only with stories, but also with "Scandinavian" vocabulary (examples: “Gerkanenaken”: The exact moment when dog feces turns white “GoWackaNoggin”: A baseball-like game where you just hit yourself on the head with a bat.). 

Rose's style is like her, nice and wholesome. She has items like Blanche that are girly and feminine, such as pastel colors and lots of skirts and dresses. However, she sometimes wears men-styled tops like Dorothy. Often this is a collared shirt under a blazer. She also wears dresses with a collar style neck.

She also wears the collared shirts under patterned sweaters. She often wears pants with her sweaters. They are very Cliff Huxtable a-la-Cosby show, no? I feel they bring out her funny and playful side.

Like Blanche, she also often wore a matching jacket and pants suit with a top underneath.
I always end these posts with what I would wear to emulate Rose and what she would wear if she was a trend following fashionista my age. This being the last of the girls means that this is the last time :( 
Here we go!!!!
My Rose Nylund look would be a feminine dress. The dress would have print to emulate her fun sweaters. I would also have on heels and socks to make it a bit more girlish and wholesome feminine (as opposed to Blanche's sexy feminine). Rose often had on pearl jewlery so I would wear pearl drop earrings and a pearl necklace. 

I can see Rose's young, spring 2010 trend-lover self, boldly sporting the tie die trend. It would be in a swingy dress, like the Proenza Schouler one above. She would also wear heels and socks, but the socks would be ruffly and girly to up the "sweetness factor".
What would you do to create a Rose look? Do you think I captured Rose's style? Are you a Golden Girls fan? Check out all four of the girls and let me know your favorite. I'd love to hear from you!!!

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