Thursday, July 29, 2010

It really makes you think...

As much as I want to believe the powerful statement in the's hard.
These past 20 years on planet Earth have been super fabbity fab fab. But sometimes I do wish I had a time turner (HP reference) to fix things - namely my GPA :P (trust me I did NOT want it to ever be where it is now haha)
But I currently want to see what it would be like being a lawyer and I also want to see what it would be like being an investment banker.
However I don't want to pursue these careers, get heavily involved, realize I hate it, and be stuck and full of regret.
To be honest, I have never really regreted anything I have done - even the slackin off in Japanese and my crackin under the pressure Freshman year of Dook - but I don't want my hard work for a potential career to be my first one.
I bet you are thinking...well, why doesn't she go for her dream career? Dream careers = no regrets. dream career is to be a ninja. The world doesn't have those anymore. So I'll settle for almost-as-cool alternatives. :P But I'm not 100% on them 

and that worries me.

Anyone out there stressin about future plans? Frettin over regrets? Does anyone work in i-banking or lawyer-ing that can give me some advice so I can stop freeeeeeakin out? Leave a comment and let me knowwww dearies!

Okee dokee - gonna go to my neuroscience homework now!

Stay Cool,

The Girl With Love on Her Forehead

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