Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dork Alert! - I like doing practice questions

Elle Woods = Lawyer Chic

The logic questions for the LSAT practice tests I'm taking remind me of the "logic projects" I used to do in my elementary school gifted class. I dreaded clicking on "start practice exam" the first time I decided to see what the LSAT really was. Then I was like "OH!!!! I used to do these in elementary school...but gosh these are harder" (duh! :P).

Yet, I LOVE doing questions like that. I even like the read-a-small-paragraph-and-choose-the-best-answer for/argument for/argument against the statement questions. The big essays with questions are my least favorite but they remind me of the verbal on the SAT and my Lit SAT II's. I did decent on the SAT (it's a 3 and 1/2 hour test...YAWN) but I pwned face (nearly perfect. still don't really know how I did that... o_0) on my Sat II's.

Finally - a standardized test that I will
enjoy studying for and won't want to procrastinate with my review book in my lap while watching Naruto.

Law school in your future? SAT in your future? (If so I'm hella sorry. I hated that thing. But I can give advice if you want it from me.)

Tell me!

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  1. hahahahahaha i hate studying for major exams like that because they count for SO much. hahaha im studying for a few exams myself too!


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