Sunday, January 3, 2010

Le sigh

My motivation to lose weight...

Emerald Isle a.k.a. E-Beach

If I am going there I can NOT be
I told myself I CAN NOT buy any clothes until I lose weight (in 5 lbs increments). Gaaah!

I often complain about how I don't have any money. But I do have a decent amount every once and awhile and I usually go to the mall or target and buy an item or two that's new to wear. A shirt here. Some tights there. And then I wonder "Where is my dinero???" :P

So I am forcing myself to NOT buy anything or drive anywhere until (unless it's an absolute emergency or a friend really needs it) I lose weight in different stages. I go crazy without leaving campus to be somewhere else every once in awhile. So if this doesn't work...I don't know what will.

When I get down another 5 lbs I'm going to Target or some other store to buy a sweater and DIY it to a ripped Alexander Wang-esque masterpiece (or I'll at least try to make it look cute) a-la Trang from Behind the Seams (thanks to College Fashion for posting the link to the how to site).

(Thanks google images!)

And then after that I will reward myself for reaching a new weight plateau by buying something from the new collection from Pendelton Meets Opening Ceremony.

(Thanks urban outfitter's blog)
And then after that I will buy one or two things from the new collection from Pendelton Meets Opening Ceremony.

The line is a bit pricey but maybe I can buy at least one dress.

I love patterns, plaid, and tattoos. But I don't think I'll be getting a tattoo anytime soon. Unless
it's love on my forehead like Gaara.

But I think that might hurt... A LOT

And I am also going to work to save up money to pay off student loans. Even though it will be much easier to save up to buy a new dress I know I will ALWAYS want a new dress but I don't ALWAYS want to be up to my lil ears in debt.

Are you on the "I'm going to lose weight!" bandwagon? Are you in the "I HAVE A $#!@ TON OF STUDENT LOANS" boat?

Let me know in ze comment box!

the girl with love on her forehead

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  1. hahahhahaa beach body! i need to work on that too! im in hibernation mode right now as its winter hahaha


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