Saturday, September 5, 2009


Can I please be Emma Watson for a day?
Not just because she's beautiful, talented, and smart...

Teen Vogue []

Russian Vogue []

Russian Vogue []

Russian Vogue []

Burberry Autumn/Winter 09 [Google Images]

Burberry Autumn/Winter 09 [Google Images]

Her as Hermione!!!

but because she gets to be near Danielle Radcliffe and
makeout with Rupert Grint.
Lucky betch. :)
I was inspired so by her pictures for Burberry that I came up with an outfit with Burberry items.
Behold: What I wish I was wearing to a party I'm going to in less than 30 minutes.

Don't party too hard my lovlies.

- The girl with love on her forehead

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  1. Love the shoes in the polyvore picture :D I'd also like to be Emma for a day, i think she has grown up into such a pretty girl!


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