Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm having a relapse

So I look at the TV menu and through blurry eyes I see

Samurai Jack

and I scream "YESSSSSSSSSS!"

This was my favorite show as a little ten year old girl. (Next to Sailor Moon, of course)
It's the show that started my Samurai OBSESSION. After Samurai Jack I watched Samurai X, Samurai Champloo, read Afro Samurai, wanted to go to Disney World and go to International Showcase at Epcot to BUY a Samurai Sword. My obsession was ridiculous, yet understandable, I mean HELLO! You get sweet skills and a bad-to-the-bone sword. Watching Samurai Jack was a nice flashback to the past (Gotta get back, back to the past, Samurai Jack! - LOVE IT!)

And then today I had another relapse...
I have had another Harry Potter freak moment and successfully added another Harry Potter t shirt to my collection: A rare, collectible Death Eaters t-shirt. Can't wait to get it in the mail and then I can put up a picture. It's quite epic! Along with the shirt I am getting an AWESOME pair of skinny jeans too. (According to the picture) they're a bright pink/fuchsia color.

And my final relapse...
I'm patiently waiting to hear news. I don't know why but it is giving me the same sickening feeling that I felt when applying for college and waiting to be rejected.

Hopefully it'll go my way.

We'll see.

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