Friday, August 14, 2009

More sales!

I found more online deals! Yay!

1. Old Navy - All tank tops $2.00 each
I don't normally shop at Old Navy but I've been on the search for a white racerback tank top that's large enough for me to be kind of baggy (I got a large boobular area so I normally wear l/xl so for baggy I need xl/xxl...ugh)

and lo and behold they have a big enough top and they are having a sale on
Saturday August 15th only every tank top for two dollars each! And currently they have $19.00 jeans, and buy $75.00 of stuff get 10% off and $100 for 20% off. The % off sale ends tomorrow and the jeans it says "limited offer" hmmm.

Click here to go to Old Navy!

2. Charlotte Russe - 50% off summer sale and buy one get one 50% off denim
I lovvvvve
People's Liberation jeans and they sell em a Charlotte Russe. If I didn't have to fuel my way back to Durahm I'd be hittin this sale like NOW! Also, many other things are on sale that can be used for the remaining of the summer and beginning of fall. This top is one of many cute things being sold in this sale.
It ends on the 15th so the last day is tomorrow!

Click here to go to Charlotte Russe!

3. Hot Topic - Buy one band tee get one for half off
I loove me some Hot Topic. It's where I get a lot of my anime and music shirts. They've got a nice online sale going on. If I had to pick I would
buy these...
Don't get me started on how much I love A7X. I'd be typing all night.
And Amon Amarth = viking themed death metal = SUCH AWESOME MUSIC!!!

Click here to go to Hot Topic

4. American Apparel - Lots of t-shirts and tanks for $5, $10, & $15

There are $#!@-tons of tanks tops and shirts in %^&*-loads of colors on sale at American Apparel. They make such comfy shirts and leggings. I'm thinking about snaggin me this thermal 3/4 sleeved shirt for when it gets cold.

Click here to go to American Apparel

I, unfortunately, cannot indulge myself by participating in all of these sales. So hopefully some one will see this and go "ooh!" and then buy something nice at a really great price.
Let me know and happy shopping.

~ The girl with love on her forehead

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