Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's my birrrrthday!

So I don't speak an ounce of Korean (well I can say good morning, but that's it!) However I relate totally to this song - especially today!

It's my birthday neo-wa ham-kke
Sweet day uri-deul-wi first day
Ni gyeotte it-neun nae son-eul not-chi-ma


I love astronomy. Not necessarily the whole daily horoscope thing but the birth personalities. I find that facinating because mine has been described down to a T.

Being born on the 23rd of July I have gotten mixed answers on what my astrological sign is. Some sources say Cancer and some say Leo. This means that I am born on an astrological cusp, when one sign ends and the next one begins.
So according to them I was born under the sun and the moon but mainly the sun. o_O

Others with the cancer/leo cusp. Alexander the Great (I LOVE him! his name he's great!) and Daniel Radcliffe (I LOVE him too! I find him a great actor...and really cute. He has a birthday today too. He turns the big 20! Happy Birthday Dan!)

Overall I find it kind of a weird idea that the planets determine your personality but I believe in other things that even though I hold to be true are pretty weird too. So I like to embrace what is told about what it means to be a Cancer, Leo, or Cancer/Leo cusp and now I will share.

...found this at

It's really long so I'll just bold the parts where I was like "nooo way. that's soo true"

Individuals born on the cusp of Cancer (the fourth Sign of the Zodiac) and Leo (the fifth Sign of the Zodiac) are ruled by both the Sun and the Moon. These cuspians are witty, ambitious (I'm always trying to do something. it gets annoying at times) and sometimes, extremely unscrupulous. Indeed, this particular cusp combination frequently produces the most corrupt of politicians who attain eminence (this made me giggle b/c I find politics annoying and confusing). These natives are experts at appealing to the various vulnerable points of their associates and the inherent daring ambition provides the power of securing for themselves the preferment and advancement to which they aspire, even though better individuals may, of necessity, be sacrificed to their progress. (I do have a tendency to walk over people sometimes. oops) Nonetheless, Cancer/Leo subjects will nurture the family group and take pride in the warm hospitality they invariably provide.

The Cancer/Leo cusp combination, also known as the Cusp of Oscillation, corresponds symbolically to the period of human life at around the age of twenty-eight. Of all twelve cusps, these natives most clearly display the split influences of two adjacent Signs almost opposite in their orientations. Here, traditionally feminine orientations (associated with the Moon) and traditionally masculine orientations (associated with the Sun) are combined equally in one single personality. Thus, Cancer/Leo males are likely to possess strong feminine sensibilities and Cancer/Leo females display an accentuated masculine side. Integrated in such a manner, these contrasting characteristics can result in a highly-balanced and healthy personality (yay!). However, when there is a tendency to vie for ascendancy, this cusp combination often produces wide mood swings which can cause immense psychic stress. It may be hard for others to know exactly how to approach these cuspians and those who know them well will frequently ease slowly into conversations, sitting quietly until the mood becomes apparent. Generally, it is difficult (if not impossible) to push Cancer/Leo subjects from one psychological state into another due to the fact that they are resistant to emotional manipulation. The water element of Cancer results in these natives tending to respond through emotion, while the fire element of Leo provides a more physical aspect to the character, coupled with a tendency to respond to the world by way of action. Thus, these cuspians are normally quite intuitive and will leap headfirst into life (yep), refusing to fret over whether their latest goal is realistic or practical (ugh...double yep). However, should the situation happen to require drama or courage (aww like Harry Potter), then these subjects most certainly possess great abundance.

Cancer/Leo cuspians love being on the "cutting edge" of innovative projects and activities, possessing the vitality and ambition to be successful in creative endeavors. Indeed, "creativity" is one of the keywords attributed to these subjects and their caring nature ensures that the benefits of their imaginative powers will help others. Although they may not necessarily be suited to the position of leadership(sometimes I want to and other times I'd rather be a big help but not the ultimate leader), they are efficient and their application to the task at hand is admirable. These natives also know how to delegate authority (respect mah authoratah!) and work within a team environment. They usually prefer to be in the "thick of battle" rather than be found "sitting on the sidelines," (sooo true. kinda scary!!!) and those who can work with these natives as true associates and partners are often able to share in such experiences, thus penetrating deeply into this cuspian's heart and mind. Cancer/Leo natives set high goals for themselves. They are great thinkers and possess magnificent memories. By nature, these are immensely sympathetic souls...particularly to those in distress and will contribute freely and lavishly toward relief. Loyalty to friends is yet another admirable trait associated with this cusp combination. Indeed, there is no trouble or disgrace sufficient to cause these natives to forsake those to whom they have given friendship. Females governed by this cusp combination are frequently among the best wives and mothers to be found in the entire Zodiac (awww). They are good housekeepers and excellent cooks, with a pronounced desire for "pleasures of the table." Indeed, all these cuspians (regardless of gender) have a strong association with food (no wonder I eat like a fatty).

Cancer/Leo natives are both emotional and traditional, often very interested in their heredity and ancestors. They are frequently prominent in the theatrical arena (been on stage since I was 5) since their inherent flamboyance and love of attention make them natural candidates for fame. There is a tendency here for these natives to perceive themselves as the "center of the universe" (oops. Guilty as charged) and, sometimes, they are absolutely correct (ha! take that mom. I am the center of the universe. :P). However, often fascinated by their own brilliance and eloquence, Cancer/Leo cuspians may become self-hypnotized to the point where they consider themselves to be masters or mistresses of right or wrong (I try not to do that. But I do catch myself acting high and mighty. I hate it). From high-minded reformers, they can turn into unscrupulous spellbinders and their self-confidence could cause them to ridicule their own conservatism. Once the Leo mind drops its idealism and falls prey to indolence or deceit, then the lunar forces of Cancer will take control in the worse possible way and stir the restless mind with jealousy. However, this may all be avoided by fostering the natural exuberance afforded by Leo and turning it to progressive channels. True Leo individuals born born during the early period of this particular cusp combination frequently rise high in such professions as medicine and law, as well as becoming fine educators. The reason for this is due to their human sympathies, which are strongly furthered by the lunar undercurrent supplied by the Cancer influence. Cancer/Leo cuspians often make excellent amateur chefs and some go on to make a career out of cooking. Since pleasure is paramount to this cusp combination, its natives are prone to spend money in order to feel good. Cancer/Leo cuspians enjoy physical exercise (which can aid to counter the stress inherent in the emotional nature of this blend) and there is a decided preference here to play team sports or participate in group exercise rather than any solo activity. In short, these natives are far too sociable to truly enjoy solitary running or any other form of individual activity (SO TRUE!).

Here, the powerful governing influence of the Sun (which governs Leo), assumes almost total control over uncertain Cancer (governed by the flickery and fickle Moon). Nonetheless, this lesser force is present and can evidence itself, much like the Moon will occasionally eclipse the Sun. Individuals born on this cusp combination should basically consider themselves to be the subjects of Leo and strive to shake off any lunar weaknesses that could prove to be their undoing. If such natives become retrospective, then they should consider the past and its traditions to be nothing more than a guide toward a much greater future. Should the Cancer/Leo cuspian become moody, then he or she needs to "snap out of it" and think in terms of ambition. When this combination becomes sympathetic to suffering, it is important that immediate steps be taken to improve the condition or the brilliant and intellectual qualities given to this cusp by Leo may easily become warped or even dissipated. Cancer/Leo cuspians tend to go through life with a strong shell around that is not easily broken. However, such individuals are the first to express emotion in any given situation...the first to laugh and the first to shed tears.(absolutely true) There is also a strong ability to see projects through to completion. Thus, they are good organizers and tend to be very popular or even inspiring individuals. These cuspians are prone to be more sensitive to the movement of the Moon through the Zodiac than are other cuspians and their mood frequently changes in tune with the Moon's passage. In essence, these are by nature normally gregarious, social, self-assured and fun-loving characters who live life with much enthusiasm. Usually domestic and peaceful souls, they possess strong emotional drives and refuse to sit still when loved ones are threatened. There is also a tendency in the character of this cusp combination to live in something of a fantasy world.(once again, guilty as charged)

With regard to relationships, Cancer/Leo cuspians rank high in almost every area...the gambit from devotion to romance. In dealings with business partners and friends, these natives tend to fare better with individuals who are even in terms of disposition...ones who are able to promote a peaceful and constant environment in day-to-day activities. Steady jobs, well-founded relationships and a dependable mate are vital to these natives in order to even out their contrasting moods. Nonetheless, they will most likely remain happy (to some degree at least) so long as someone is paying attention to them.

The greatest strength of Cancer/Leo cuspians is to be found in their creativity and in their generosity toward others. Sometimes, these qualities will combine and result in an individual who provides thoughtful gifts or unique solutions to problems. In addition, blessed with an emotional orientation to life which makes them aware of the difficulties their loved ones must work through, this cusp is counted among the most understanding characters of the Zodiac.

The most important lesson to be learned by Cancer/Leo natives is that they need to work with people who are not only highly competent and can carry their own share of the load, but that such people are able to understand these cuspians on a personal level. It is also necessary for them to learn self-discipline and try not to concentrate overly much on the past...instead, living for the present. Additionally, these natives should note that it is essential for their blood and digestive organs to be well-toned. As with all cusp individuals, these cuspians tend to be attracted to others born on the cusp...particularly those who fall within the Libra/Scorpio and Capricorn/Aquarius combinations.

Phew! That was long!

But I found it quite fascinating and mind boggling.

Others with the cancer/leo cusp. Alexander the Great (I LOVE him! his name he's great!) and Daniel Radcliffe (I LOVE him too! I find him a great actor...and really cute. He has a birthday today too. He turns the big 20! Happy Birthday Dan!)

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