Sunday, May 1, 2011

Undiscovered Disney

I'm sitting here actually working (WHOA!) and I realized that my i-tunes is filled with lots of songs from Disney and many of them my roommate and friends don't know. I realize that they are from less popular movies and thus not as popular, but they are still some of my favorite Disney songs ever so I thought I should share.
Plus, I recently traveled to Disney Land Paris - so I will put up a few pics of that up too to give yall something to look at while you listen. :)

6 Favorite Disney Songs That I Don't Think Many People Know About

1. Right Where I Belong - Jungle Book Two
Favorite line: "Some place was meant for me - and that's what keeps me strong, somehow knowing I'll be going right where I belong... home where I belong. "
This song is so pretty. The girl's voice is dainty, but the melody of the song gets me every time! Especially now since I'm itching to go home :)

2. Love Will Find A Way - Lion King Two
Favorite line: "There's a perfect world shining in your eyes."
That line makes me die a little inside. If any guy ever said that to me I would melt into a puddle of Awwwww. The song is just gorgeous too.

3. Bahia - The Three Caballeros 
Favorite Line: "Baia, Can't you hear my lonely call? Morena, Make my life complete again."
I now want to go to Brazil, like hella bad. This movie is a gem from the 40s and is a part of Disney's "Good Will" movement to South America. It has Donald Duck and his buddies José Carioca from Brazil and Panchito Pistoles from Mexico.

4. Tomorrow is Another Day - The Rescuers
Favorite line: "To belong, to face the future with another who means more than any other is to belong."
Growing up I was a huge "Green Acres" fan so when I figured out that the same lady who played Lisa played the mouse Bianca I knew I would love this movie. It always makes me cry and feel so sad, unlike many other movies (let alone cartoons), when I see the little girl Penny cry during "Someone's Waiting for You". I'm a big crybaby in general, but that scene is so sad and powerful that I can't help but love it and/or respect it for bringing such emotion out of me. However, the optimism and  happiness from Shelby Flint's voice in "Tomorrow is Another Day" is what makes it my favorite.

5. Casey Junior - Dumbo
Best. Train. Song. EVER!
They had this ride at Disney Land Paris and I almost cried when I realized that they played the song while you rode it. Of COURSE I sang it at the top of my lungs when I did. 

6. The Journey - The Rescuers
Favorite Line: "Who will rescue me?"
I know, another Rescuers song, but hey - this movie got an Oscar nomination for its soundtrack for a reason. As a little kid, you hear it and are like "meh". But now, it's so haunting and pretty, and not very "Disney" of today. Shelby Flint's voice is very interesting, and I like it.

And now a few pics of me and Disney Land Paris

What are your favorite not well known Disney songs? Do you know and love and of the 6 I put up? Have you ever been to Disney Land Paris? 


  1. i think the only one on your list i knew was the casey jr one but i hate dumbo! at least i did as a kid. i think my favorite lesser known disney song is hellfire from hunchback of notre dame but i'm probably biased because i love that book/ movie.

  2. You're right, I'm not familiar with those songs haha. But it looks like you had a great time at Disney :)

  3. wow, I want to go there!!!!! ;-)



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