Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashion Storm: Monsoon

I became OBSESSED with this brand called Monsoon when I went to London. Me and my bestie were like "oooh dresses!!", but we had to keep walking because we were on a tight budget. However, I remembered the store name and found it on the internet.
They also deliver to the US!! ...uh oh.

Well - I know what my first paycheck is going to when I finally work again back in The States :D

Top 5 favorites:

I love the hem and I love the print. A halter top dress is perfect for summer too!

I'm not sure how the dress would look ON me, but I love that hem and the coral color. Don't you?
I think black and ivory make a divine combo. The silhouette of the dress is perfect too. Very 50s.

I'm a total sucker for a good print, especially floral print. This dress is very 50s too. I like it!
This beauty just SCREAMS "Summer Cocktail Party!!!" which is why I adore it.
Sadly all of these dresses are quite pricey ranging from 60 pounds to 180 pounds (meaning, $100 - $300), but they're so lovely and I feel at least one would be worth saving up for. Which one do you think I should try to get?
What's your favorite? Give the site a look and let me know.
Have any other favorite British labels - holla at meeeeeeee! :D


  1. beautiful dresses!! thanks so much for passing by to my blog!! I am following you now!!! :)

  2. I adore both of the 50's looking dresses equally!


  3. thanks for your blog for more beauty and make up see:


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