Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm not dead + Fashion Law

Wow - I haven't been here in awhile. Sorry blog world. Forgive me, I overloaded on classes last semester and wanted to get good grades (and I did - YEAH)

But now I'm back!!!!

And thinking about career options - I'll be a (gulp) junior next year. That means only two more years of dear old Duke undergrad and then I'm DONE. AHHHH.
Fortunately I am here an extra semester -summer school!!!! While I am here I am pondering future careers. Fashion law is something I am thinking about going into. The fashion world is beautiful and fascinating, yet I have gotten into thinking about law recently. When I told my parents I was thinking about law school they were so happy "Our daughter is thinking of an actual career path! huzzah!!!"

If I were to go into law I would want to do something in Intellectual Property, Contract, or International Law. Apparently these are three big types of law that make up the new field of "Fashion Law". (International is kind of optional unless you are thinking of working with international fashion brands.) From my research I have found that fashion law composes of so many different types of law. PLUS you need to know the ins and out of the business of fashion. It is not the most glamorous job in the fashion world, but it is a way to be involved with industry workers like designers, pr firms, models and tons of other people. Fashion lawyers handle contracts for modeling agencies, litigate counterfeit claims, work out payment agreements for event spaces for shows and more. Plus they always have to look awesome - they are FASHION lawyers. Since lawyers make a decent living they can probably afford spending money to look awesome too.

There is a growing demand for those who have that pretty little law degree and are knowledgeable of fashion terms and the way the biz works. Fashion law is a growing field, and this fact draws me to it even more.
Imagine becoming a part of something that is going to be revolutionary to law and the fashion world as we know it!

It's just a thought.

Any of you wanting to be lawyers? Go into the fashion industry? Is anyone else out there interested in becoming fashion lawyer??? Let me know and comment below.


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(Note: I promised more study tips and even though I am taking classes this summer, I have much more time than before and can actually post them instead of do them and hog them all for myself.)

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