Monday, February 8, 2010

Skool daze part 1: Freakin Fantastic

Earlier I wrote a mock article for an application for an internship for (didn't get it...tis okay. I love the CF crew and Zephyr anyway. Maybe next fall, no?) about study tools. I raved about flashcards that come with a little hook. They are freakin fantastic. I just bought about 5 of them for Japanese vocab on the go! And I found the website where YOU can order them online.

I'm a huge fan of the Medium Ring 2x3 inch cards.

There are other size index cards holders and even notebooks with interchangeable pages. I mean really I could make these things myself but it's so nice to just buy them and use them whenever I want to.

These things are so convenient and cute (they come in pretty colors!). I love using a nice little container, but that's only ok if I want to play concentration (you remember that card game!) with my flashcards and match them. I want a quick review where I flip and go. I don't have to worry about 1. If I drop my cards will I be able to pick them all up? 2. Losing one random card or 3. Uneven flash cards (that irritates me SO MUCH). Having my words on a Myndology ring helps me to the Nth degree. Thought I should re-share my study tip. I gotta go study for my Japanese Chapter 11 quiz!

More study tips to come.

おやすみなっさい (goodnight!)

- The girl with love on her forehead
(and hopefully more A's on her transcript!)

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