Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Question

Has something ever happened to  you that  you really wanted to happen and when it did happen the actual moment was nowhere near what you expected it to be?

I'm like a mixture of elated, shocked, and bummed all at the same time. I had always imagined when I would hear the news I heard that I would read the news the day it was supposed to come, be super excited, and those I told would be excited too.

But the news came early, so it completely blew me away - I'm still wondering if I'm dreaming because I have had dreams (nightmares is more like it) about this news the past week or so. And when I told my mom she was the opposite of excited - total buzz kill supreme with lame sauce on top.

I'll stop being so cryptic and tell yall what's up when I figure out how to get my way ;)

Best of luck with life yall!!!


  1. Yeah I know how you feel :/ hope everything works out for you with whatever it is!

  2. hmm..i can relate. i'm curious as to what you're talking about though!

  3. I really love it!




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