Monday, October 18, 2010

Where HAVE you been?

Sorry yall. Junior year is no cakewalk! Plus I'm overloading classes. Instead of taking 4, I'm taking 5. Whyyyy??
However I am getting in some fashion-oriented writing by my internship at I am a Looks on Campus Contributor and I already have one post up here at and will have my second one up by Wednesday. My first one was of a girl who has more of a classic Southern style while the next one was a girl who had on some cute boots and was rockin some really cool mixed prints. Let me know what yall think either here or in the comments section on the website. :) 

I'll do better and start posting again! 
What to see in the next month:
- Packing for study abroad (I'm going to Rome, Italy next semester!!!!!! - Got any advice?)
- Boots I want
- More Looks on Campus. I like taking pictures and sadly I can only do one post per two weeks for CF. I'll put up my extras here

And if I have more time I'll do more.

Later Blogger Babes, 

The Girl With Love on Her Forehead

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