Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Question

Has something ever happened to  you that  you really wanted to happen and when it did happen the actual moment was nowhere near what you expected it to be?

I'm like a mixture of elated, shocked, and bummed all at the same time. I had always imagined when I would hear the news I heard that I would read the news the day it was supposed to come, be super excited, and those I told would be excited too.

But the news came early, so it completely blew me away - I'm still wondering if I'm dreaming because I have had dreams (nightmares is more like it) about this news the past week or so. And when I told my mom she was the opposite of excited - total buzz kill supreme with lame sauce on top.

I'll stop being so cryptic and tell yall what's up when I figure out how to get my way ;)

Best of luck with life yall!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Month Later....

I'm back in Amurikah! Huzzah!
Gotta admit though - I miss my prosciutto. Overall, I'm beyond thrilled to be back in the United States. There is nothing like coming home to your doggie, having your own TV (we just got netflix and it has been nothing but anime marathons every freakin day), and not having to convert the currency.

At the end of this month my cousin, who I met in London in April, will be coming down to visit me. I loved England so much!!! Me and my best friend from college had a super touristy experience and saw Wesminister, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, and all of that good stuff, plus we had a super-fan-girl experience and visited where they shot various scenes from various Harry Potter movies. (Don't judge!! :) )
One of the places we went to was the Forest of Dean (we also saw where they shot many castle scenes). The weather was so nice and warm. I love where I live, but yesterday the "cooler" temperature was 90 degrees haha.

I was told that the food in England was bad. Whoever said that was a LIAR. Sooo tasty!!!
Big Ben by car at night
London Eye By Car at Night - I could see it from my hostel's room too!!!

*sigh* I had to take a picture, okay?

Outskirts of the forest

Too pretty!
I tried to get a shot of the outer part of the forest from the bus I took and I realized...the forest is really big! (obvi-duh)

We decided to be real dorks and read excerpts from when they were in the Forest of Dean while WE were in the Forest of Dean.

Stay cool! :) (Literally...because figuratively I have just dorked up your day by 200% haha)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Undiscovered Disney

I'm sitting here actually working (WHOA!) and I realized that my i-tunes is filled with lots of songs from Disney and many of them my roommate and friends don't know. I realize that they are from less popular movies and thus not as popular, but they are still some of my favorite Disney songs ever so I thought I should share.
Plus, I recently traveled to Disney Land Paris - so I will put up a few pics of that up too to give yall something to look at while you listen. :)

6 Favorite Disney Songs That I Don't Think Many People Know About

1. Right Where I Belong - Jungle Book Two
Favorite line: "Some place was meant for me - and that's what keeps me strong, somehow knowing I'll be going right where I belong... home where I belong. "
This song is so pretty. The girl's voice is dainty, but the melody of the song gets me every time! Especially now since I'm itching to go home :)

2. Love Will Find A Way - Lion King Two
Favorite line: "There's a perfect world shining in your eyes."
That line makes me die a little inside. If any guy ever said that to me I would melt into a puddle of Awwwww. The song is just gorgeous too.

3. Bahia - The Three Caballeros 
Favorite Line: "Baia, Can't you hear my lonely call? Morena, Make my life complete again."
I now want to go to Brazil, like hella bad. This movie is a gem from the 40s and is a part of Disney's "Good Will" movement to South America. It has Donald Duck and his buddies José Carioca from Brazil and Panchito Pistoles from Mexico.

4. Tomorrow is Another Day - The Rescuers
Favorite line: "To belong, to face the future with another who means more than any other is to belong."
Growing up I was a huge "Green Acres" fan so when I figured out that the same lady who played Lisa played the mouse Bianca I knew I would love this movie. It always makes me cry and feel so sad, unlike many other movies (let alone cartoons), when I see the little girl Penny cry during "Someone's Waiting for You". I'm a big crybaby in general, but that scene is so sad and powerful that I can't help but love it and/or respect it for bringing such emotion out of me. However, the optimism and  happiness from Shelby Flint's voice in "Tomorrow is Another Day" is what makes it my favorite.

5. Casey Junior - Dumbo
Best. Train. Song. EVER!
They had this ride at Disney Land Paris and I almost cried when I realized that they played the song while you rode it. Of COURSE I sang it at the top of my lungs when I did. 

6. The Journey - The Rescuers
Favorite Line: "Who will rescue me?"
I know, another Rescuers song, but hey - this movie got an Oscar nomination for its soundtrack for a reason. As a little kid, you hear it and are like "meh". But now, it's so haunting and pretty, and not very "Disney" of today. Shelby Flint's voice is very interesting, and I like it.

And now a few pics of me and Disney Land Paris

What are your favorite not well known Disney songs? Do you know and love and of the 6 I put up? Have you ever been to Disney Land Paris? 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashion Storm: Monsoon

I became OBSESSED with this brand called Monsoon when I went to London. Me and my bestie were like "oooh dresses!!", but we had to keep walking because we were on a tight budget. However, I remembered the store name and found it on the internet.
They also deliver to the US!! ...uh oh.

Well - I know what my first paycheck is going to when I finally work again back in The States :D

Top 5 favorites:

I love the hem and I love the print. A halter top dress is perfect for summer too!

I'm not sure how the dress would look ON me, but I love that hem and the coral color. Don't you?
I think black and ivory make a divine combo. The silhouette of the dress is perfect too. Very 50s.

I'm a total sucker for a good print, especially floral print. This dress is very 50s too. I like it!
This beauty just SCREAMS "Summer Cocktail Party!!!" which is why I adore it.
Sadly all of these dresses are quite pricey ranging from 60 pounds to 180 pounds (meaning, $100 - $300), but they're so lovely and I feel at least one would be worth saving up for. Which one do you think I should try to get?
What's your favorite? Give the site a look and let me know.
Have any other favorite British labels - holla at meeeeeeee! :D

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Time and Money , Wait....come baaaaack!!!

Time: I'm running out of it here in Rome, but I'm kinda happy about it.

I miss my house, the fam, and my friends... and like, America. The European lifestyle is nice, but give me a place where I can buy a $1 sweet tea with a credit card and not get judged over la dolce vita (which is quite slow and expensive) any day!
I must say, I have had such a wonderful time in Rome. It has been a learning experience above all else in how to appreciate my culture, the culture of others, and history.

Even though finals are approaching, I'm still procrastinating from doing work, like hardcore procrastinating, and instead reading manga and watching anime like nobody's business.
I blew through 40+ chapters of an amazing manga called Deadman's Wonderland.

No seriously, It's AMAZING. Action + sci-fi (which I'm not normally into) + thriller + crime-drama + a bit of mystery. It hasn't been finished yet, so I can't tell you how the ending is, but WOW has it blown me away so far.
Plus, it's currently being made into an anime for those who would rather watch than read. Check it out - here is a synopsis...(taken from RandomC.net - where I always go for anime updates :P)
Let me know if you read it already or are going to start or watch the show. I would LOVE to fan-girl about it with you. Seriously, read it or watch it.

Money: I'm also running out of it here in Rome, but I'm NOT happy about it at all.
I'm so excited to be able to earn my own money back in the states and have $1 = $1 and not .67 of the local currency. (CURRENCY EXCHANGE FAIL = DEPRESSING AS $#@!)

I've recently become obsessed with the concept of ballet espadrilles. Who invented this genius shoe? It has the summery fun feeling of an espadrille with the beauty and femininity of a ballet flat. I can just imagine paring a beautiful red pair with a nautical striped dress and running around by a lake or something.
I found a PERFECT red pair... (couldn't get a good pic of it alone)

but they're $325. WHATTT??? *Le sigh*

I hope you all are doing well.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nerdy Talk - A trip to a bit of Hogwarts


Just got back from a riveting Spring Break. One of the places I went to was England which was AMAZING. The food, the people, the fact that EVERYONE SPOKE ENGLISH - it was SO beautiful. :P

Me and my bestie went to all of the must-see touristy spots, the not-so-touristy spots, and of course the Harry Potter filming location spots. I mean obvi-duh we went there!
Here are some of the best ones in one place we went called Gloucester Cathedral. They filmed most of the movies' hallway scenes here because it's an extremely beautiful cathedral.

Photo from the first movie I think...

Look familiar??? (warning: the following photos are filled with fangirl glee and goofy smiles)

More iconic photos soon - including more Harry Potter places, Disney Movie settings (Hunchback, Aristocats, etc), and other movies like Marie Antoinette.